About Us


Avilash Engineering Corporation(AEC) is a name synonym with the quality and reliability. AEC is a preferred destination and trusted solution providers for industrial automation, bearings and power transmission products. The ultimate objective of AEC is to provide the Customer with the highest quality product and service at competitive prices. AEC have latest linear motion products such as Roller Guide ways, Maintenance Free Guide ways,High Precision C5 grade rolled Ball screws, Ground ball screws , High Dmn Value super cassette type ballscrews, precision racks, super ball bushings,linear actuators,linear motors ,dual shaft guides and position measuring systems.Under automation, AEC has complete range of Servo motors, PLC's, HMI, Variable Frequency drivers, Stepper Motors, Power supplies, Encoders, Sensors, Temperature Control,Couplings, Bearings etc.

It also helps in locating those "hard to find" items. The company has been adding new products and tools that not only solves the problems, but prevent costly shutdowns. The company also helps the manufacturers with new designs and applications. If basic design data is given AEC also has expertise to select the right Ball screw Linear Guide way,Rack ,Gear Box, Coupling etc. Our resource companies are: HIWIN, PMI, Mitsubushi, Sungil, WON, etc.